Brigada Eskwela (New Normal)

Due to the rising number of cases because of the global pandemic—COVID – 19, the government has decided to conduct the Brigada Eskwela 2020 under the ‘new normal’ scheme.’ Under the ‘new normal’, each school’s brigada eskwela will be conducted in a very different way.

In traditional days, Brigada-Eskwela is one of the times wherein the school stakeholders such as the parents, students, and the teachers get to cooperate with one another with a common goal in mind–to ensure that the school they belong to will be fully supported by its stakeholders and with a goal in mind that the ‘bayanihan’ spirit still lies inside the hearts of the filipinos.

Under the ‘new normal’ scheme, the traditional brigada-eskwela is strongly discouraged.

Instead of parents, students, and teachers going to the school premises physically, they can still aid the school’s needs by donating various equipments needed for the adjustment of the education system under the pandemic health protocols. Such needs include thermal scanners, health kits and other school-related objects with utmost importance.

With the Brigada-Eskwela 2020, the school ensures that the pandemic will not be a hindrance to give the students optimum and effective teaching approach–that it will not be a barricade from education, but a tool that there will always be a way for quality education to pave a way in the ‘new normal’ scheme, without of course, compromising the health protocols.

Together, let us make this new school year a successful one.

Gulayan sa Paaralan

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